Step 1: Design

Meet with our design team to begin your custom home build or remodel. Our licensed architecture and engineering partners will conduct research on the property and design a home that fits your style, lifestyle, and budget. 

Step 2: Permits

Once our team has completed all our research and blueprints, we will then go to the city, coastal commission, fire authority, HOA, and any other governing bodies needed to obtain the necessary permits to legally begin construction. 

Step 3: Planning

To ensure we complete your home on time and within budget, we utilize the same mission planning strategies used by the U.S military. A step by step process is outlined with control measures and contingency plans that guarantee success from start to finish. As our client, you are able to view this schedule using our cutting-edge online platform.

Step 4: Construction

Over the next few months, you are going to see your home come to life! We begin every project by cordoning off the project site for safety, staging material and equipment, and reviewing the plan with you and our team once more.