We see them asking for help on the side of the road each day, but so many look right through them; checking their phone or changing the radio station just to avoid eye contact. With a nation full of people talking about helping those in need, why do 37,000 veterans sleep on the streets each night? It is our mission at Veteran Builders to uplift these wrongfully neglected heroes by building affordable housing. 

In the military we are taught that shelter is the first priority in a survival situation and it is our duty to provide that for those that need it most. To do this, we take a majority of our profits and  partner with local nonprofits and Good Samaritans across the county to develop donated land at a reduced cost and lease the new home to veterans using government assistance programs. Using the government assistance programs correctly allows many of these veterans to live rent free and connects them with crucial support systems that give them a second chance at life. 


The homes we build for you, help us build homes for them.