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Choosing A Contractor

1. Figure out what kind of contractor is right for the job. (Flooring Contractors do Floors, Plumbers do plumbing, etc...) OR you can hire a contractor like us that can do it all!

2. Search for contractors in your area using Google, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Referrals to find contractors with a good rating. These ratings come from clients that have worked with them in the past, so you can usually trust their opinion.

3. Get at least 3 quotes for the job. It's not all about price though! Usually, the guy with the cheapest price is cutting corners to save a dollar.

4. Make sure you read through the contracts. If you don't get a written contract from whomever you hired, ask! If they don't have one, run!

5. Check insurance coverage and hiring practices. (You'll most likely be allowing someone in your home; doesn't hurt to ask who's doing the work.)

6. Start the job!

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